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...155 Birthday Cakes!
Move your mouse over the cake above
to see closeup of Cookie Monster!
We want to provide you with fresh and flavorful items. We hope you and your
guests will enjoy eating them...and that we'll be recommended to others!
Mouse over the cake above for closeup.
For another guitar cake, see above left...
Mouse over for monster truck closeup!
Mouse over photo to see closeup of golfer. See below for another golf cake.
Topsy-turvy cake with purple & lime
frosting, fondant & feathers
down for pink & lime topsy-turvy cake)
Giant cupcake & regular cupcakes
(Mouse over image for 2nd photo)
Our cakes and treats
are made with love!

Some people like to
order cupcakes to
go along with a
birthday cake...
especially if more
guests could arrive,
Topsy-turvy cake
More ideas on specialty cakes page...
Cookie cakes
Mouse over for photo with candle.
Mouse over the Zebra cake...
Mouse over to see closeup of "popcorn" made from marshmallows...
Mouse over cake above...and below!
Mouse over photo to see cake with "Happy Birthday" writing...
Mouse over for close-up.
Mouse over for close-up.
Mouse over for front view.
Marilyn Monroe & James Dean
(another Marilyn cake, below)
Big cupcake on top! (Mouse over)
Mouse over photo to see another angle of cake with Disney's Ariel (the mermaid).
Beach made with crushed graham crackers. Handmade chocolate "shells."
Mouse over for closeup of Mario Bros. cake...
"Thanks so much for Bailey's little mermaid cake. Just like last
year, we got so many compliments on how cute the cake was
and how delicious it was. I really appreciate all you do and the
wonderful cakes."  -Adrienne B. (more testimonials
Luau cake (another one below, right)
Sweet Sixteen zebra cake
Mouse over for matching cupcakes!
Mouse over for skateboard closeup!
Star Wars (mouse over for close-up).
Mouse over Diego cake for close-up.
ATV cake (fresh strawberries)...mouse over for close-up.
Sparkle dust on Marilyn's jewelry. Batter
and frosting made with fresh raspberries.
The cake was beautiful AND delicious!!!
Thank you so much! I will be calling you
soon!  -Susie H.

Stacey is the only one I have do our cakes.
The Marilyn Monroe cake
(above right) for
my daughter was so awesome. Raspberry
with cream cheese. YUM!  -Lynne J.
See testimonial to left
Mouse over cake for close-up of guitar.
Mouse over cake to see top view
of neon Sweet Sixteen cake.
Dinosaur cake with stream, trees, and edible rocks
(Mouse over for another photo)
Mouse over for close-up (scroll up for another golf cake)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Mouse over Toy Story cake photos
to view another side, plus cupcakes...
Hummingbird cake with cream cheese
(mouse over for closeup).
Fondant, frosting, hand-painted
touches, and edible images...all to
make the perfect birthday cake!
Mouse over for closeup of Tangled
movie cake (AKA
Mouse over for closeup of Holly Hobby
Billy the Exterminator (TV show on A&E)
Tie-dyed (air-brushed)
...mouse over matching cupcakes!
Fresh carrot cake
Dora & Diego cake...scroll down a little
for an oval-shaped Diego cake
another Dora cake...
Mouse over for another view
of this Hawaiian cake...
Rock star cake! (scroll around
for a couple other guitar cakes)
Bowling cake
Slumber party cake with handmade fondant
Mouse over to see another angle.
Tangled movie cake with
edible image & airbrushing
Cake & frosting with fresh strawberries!
Butter pecan cake, on one side (from
scratch, with pecans we picked,
locally) chocolate on the other.
Cinderella cake (scroll around for
a few other doll or princess cakes)
Mouse over for closeup.
Paint splatter, nerd glasses & music
notes cake.
Mouse over for another angle.
Girly cake...
Thomas the Train (Henry cake, below)
Mouse over for close-up of
cheerleader's hair.
Mexican-themed cake
Go Vols!
Disney Cars (cupcake cake)
Mouse over for Lego cake closeup!
Luau cake
Mouse over Batman cake for closeup!
Mouse over semi-truck cake...
Spa day birthday...RELAX!
Cowboy cake
Happy First Birthday!
Mouse for another photo...
Pop star cake!
Mouse over for closeup.
Harry Potter cake
My Little Pony cake
Birthday cake and cake pops, too!
Mouse over to see all cake pops.
Magical cake
Mouse over to see Barn cake (plus close-up of
Piggy Pops) that matches these sweet treats!
Mouse over for another view...
Mouse over for closeup.
Move your mouse over image to see a
Minnie Mouse cake with Happy Birthday on it.
Betty Boop
Mouse over for reverse side...
Two "popcorn" cakes on this page...
Frozen cake (scroll around
for a few other Frozen cakes)
Monsters cakes (above & right)
Frozen cake
Frozen cake
Close-up of
above cake...
Thank-you to our
Mouse over for another photo of this Troll cake...
Shark fin cake & cookies!
Mouse over for another photo of this cake...
Mouse over Paris cake
for closeup of macarons!
Mouse over for another
photo of groundhog cake!
The cake turned out EXACTLY as we hoped
straight out of our dreams! The whole cake was
amazingly delicious. But the ICING. THAT was
just SUPERB!

Everyone LOVED it and my daughters were
enchanted. THANK YOU for making our day
magical and special for such an affordable price!
Unicorn Cake!
Another unicorn cake, below!