Specialty Cakes
In addition to the cakes below, we also
do football cakes for tailgating or parties!

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The above cake was actually for a bridal shower, but
it's also a great design for birthdays and other events
(There are a total of 5 initial cakes on this page).
Peanut butter cup sheet cake.
(Company-ordered to celebrate all
employees with birthdays that month!)
Topped with fresh strawberries and
blueberries that we picked, locally!
Oreo cookie cake (like the peanut butter cup cake
above: also ordered for employees' birthdays)
Strawberry cake with fresh strawberries
in both the batter and frosting!
Mandarin orange "butterfly" cake with
pineapple frosting (oranges in the batter).
Pink ribbon cake with
fresh strawberries inside!
Spiderman cake for a child (through
the "Make a Wish" organization).
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Almond Joy cake
More cakes on birthday page...
"Initial" cake
Yellow cake topped with whole blueberry filling
(You can also choose to add fruit inside cake)
Cake with real "sugared" fruit
Fun zebra design that can be used
for many occasions!
Cow cake
Chocolate cake with fresh raspberries...YUM!
Heath candy bar cake with maraschino cherries
Spa day cake...RELAX!
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See Birthday Cakes for other musical designs
Chocolate & Strawberries!
just SUPERB!

Everyone LOVED it and my daughters were enchanted. THANK YOU
for making our day magical and special for such an affordable price!
Pancakes, eggs, & bacon!  ...plus cupcakes
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